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USHL, NAHL, 2012 NHL Draft Watch List:
I've been skating with Erika since Pee-Wees. Erika has made skating one of my strengths on the ice. She has always been able to help me understand the most productive skating techniques, then put them to work. In just a short time after beginning lessons, I noticed a great improvement with my stride and speed. You can't work on your skating ability in any traditional hockey practice better than you can in Erika's power skating lessons. Power skating with Erika has given me the chance to better myself at the most important aspect of hockey, skating. I've become a better player because Erika has worked constantly with me on my stride, lateral agility, upper-body stability, quickness, balance and edge control. Not only has she helped me become more agile on the ice, but my endurance was also tested. Being able to skate with correct form while being fatigued is important. It's a great workout every time I skate with her. Through the years, she has been a big part of my success in playing AAA travel hockey, participating in USA select camps, appearing on the 2012 NHL draft watch list, and being drafted in the USHL. I now play Junior A hockey for the Wenatchee Wild in the NAHL and look forward to having Erika continue to enhance my skating ability when I come home.
David Powlowski

Williston Northampton School and BCHL:
Our son Justin Coachman began using Erika for Power skating as a PEEWEE. Erika was able to pinpoint Justin’s weakness and correct it substantially. As a result of her work Justin was able to continue to take his game to a higher level. Justin graduated in 2012 from the Williston Northampton School in Massachusetts after being selected as their top hockey recruit in 2009. His work with Erika each school break helped him compete at the Prep school level. Erika also worked with Justin this summer to help him regain his speed and form after a long recovery from knee surgery. She worked with him throughout the summer to prepare for tryouts. Justin is now playing for the Victoria grizzlies in the British Columbia hockey league.

NAHA and Mercyhurst University, NCAA participant
One of the first comments that people make when they see our daughter, Kathy, on the ice is a comment complimenting her skating style and right behind that is another remark about her quickness. When Kathy was 10 years old she started taking power skating lessons from Erika Stone. In Kathy’s words “Erika showed me how to really skate on my edges.” From sophomore to senior year in high school Kathy attended the North American Hockey Academy, a prep school in Vermont with some of the top high school age female hockey players. She is now playing for Mercyhurst University, a perennial top 10 team and NCAA tournament participant. During breaks and during the summer Kathy catches up with Erika to keep on track with her technique.
The Donohues

USHL and Full Scholarship to RPI
I’ve been skating with Erika since I was a Peewee. She has developed me into a great skater. My powerful stride and quickness have helped me compete in the USHL, the top amateur hockey league in the United States. One on one or as a group, Erika understands how to make most of the lessons. My stride is a lot more powerful and I am using my leg strength to the fullest potential. One of the biggest improvements I made was with quickness. This year I noticed I am able to escape and break away from scrums and beat defenseman wide more than I have in the past. This year I am having a lot of success in the league and currently rank in the top 10 in scoring. Also, I received a full scholarship to play at RPI (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute). I credit Erika Stone with the success I am having and recommend Erika to anyone who wants to make vast improvements in their skating.
Riley Bourbonnais

North American Hockey Academy & Boston College
Our 17-year-old daughter, Caroline Ross, has trained with Erika for years. Before that (and sometimes together) our 23-year-old son also trained with Erika. (He now works with Erika as a skating instructor.) Erika is, by far, the best skating instructor with whom our daughter has ever worked. Both Canadian and U.S. coaches have commented on the strength of our daughter's skating skills. Without a doubt Erika, has played a large role in developing her skating skills. Our daughter, a junior in high school, attends the North American Hockey Academy in Stowe, VT and the Aquinas Institute. She has been invited to attend the USA Hockey National Camp for the past four years (every year she has been eligible). Caroline committed to Boston College this summer. We recommend Erika to everyone who is looking to improve their power skating skills.
Ray Ross and Terri Conroy Ross

U18 AAA Buffalo Jr. Sabres and Shattuck St. Mary’s
Erika has worked with Matthew and Natalie for many years. She has provided excellent structure, a positive learning environment and instant feedback. They have been able to achieve many levels of success in hockey due to their skating ability. Erika has maximized their stride efficiency, quickness, and speed.

Our son gave Erika the ultimate compliment recently by saying, “Erika makes me better every time I skate with her”. The results of the work are many team and individual achievements that keep the fire burning to improve. Erika will continue to be an important part of their development. Matt will play U18 AAA for the Buffalo Jr. Sabres next year. Natalie will attend Shattuck St. Mary’s next year after playing boys AAA with the RYH Alliance for the past 6 seasons.
Ron and Janet Buchbinder

USA Hockey National Team Development Program & Boston University Commit
Our son, David, has been skating with Erika for about 4 years. He has developed into a very good skater – faster, more efficient and better on his edges due to the work Erika has done with him. In the past few years, he has played on several select teams from the US and Canada and had the opportunity to play in many AAA tournaments in the Ontario, Quebec and the US. The one common comment we hear is how well he skates. We think it has a lot to do with Erika and her training – we have recommended Erika to many hockey families.
The Farrances

Professional Hockey Player/Coach
As a hockey coach, you always want your players to be stronger skaters than their opponents. I have always felt that skating was the most important skill in hockey. I highly recommend Erika as a power skating coach. She will truly make a difference in anyone’s skating with whatever skills they are trying to accomplish.
Chris Palmer--Former Professional Player/Bantam AAA Coach

Buffalo Jr. Sabres 18U AAA, NAHL and USPHL
Erika has been working with me for many years now. She has drastically improved my skating which has been reflected in my play ever since I began with her. She is a very good instructor and she’s a coach that you want to work hard for.

Erika's figure skating background has brought a whole new view on my skating technique and gives Erika a different edge when teaching power skating. Since I started skating with her, I feel more comfortable with my edges and more powerful in my stride.

Not only have I noticed my skating difference, but scouts have as well. Coaches over the years that I have come in contact with were really impressed in my skating ability and I can say in full confidence that my skating is one of the strengths in my game. My skating would not be nearly what it is today without Erika's development.

Currently I am a defenseman for the Buffalo Jr. Sabres 18U AAA team (2014-15) and I can say none of my progress could have been possible without Erika. Her instruction has given me opportunities for tryouts in the NAHL and in the USPHL and who knows which opportunity will arise next.
Trevor Dennis

18 U Perinton Blades AAA
I have been skating with Erika Stone for over 3 years. I also have been volunteering to demo for younger students. I am 17 and currently play for the 18u Perinton Blades AAA hockey team. Erika's power skating lessons have definitely helped me to become a better hockey player. When I first started taking lessons from Erika, just 3 years ago, I would have never known I would be where I'm at now. It's amazing how much one can improve with her instruction. Not only do the skating lessons give you more speed, quickness, and agility but they condition you and prepare you for the upcoming season. In addition, Erika builds one's confidence and mental focus significantly. This gives you the edge against your competition. Lastly, Erika is an amazing person and coach, and always great to be around and talk to. It is no question that she is dedicated to improving each one of her students. I couldn't thank her enough for what she has done.
Jimmy Lockamyeir

Reaching Goals: Tier 2 to Tier 1 and D III College Hockey
I have and will always work with Erika Stone. She has helped me achieve many goals of mine. One of which was to play college hockey. I went from Tier 2 to Tier 1 and now I’m going off to play D III hockey at Stevenson University in Maryland. I believe that this is because Erika taught me proper stride and quick feet. Everyone comments on my skating and that is due to Erika. She is a great person, cares about her students and she really knows what she is talking about. I strongly recommend Stone Skating to absolutely anyone who is looking to improve their skating and their game.
Kylee Buchel

Rochester Monarchs AAA Bantam Minor
My son David has been playing hockey since he was 7, and for years could not turn the corner when it came to his skating. We went all over to find proper training to help him become the skater he wanted to be. Erika is that trainer. She has pinpointed his weaknesses and turned them into his strengths. Erika is a trainer who really cares about your child's progress. She has helped him become a very strong power skater by training him backwards and forwards and utilizing other skating techniques. David continues to train with her to keep at the top of his game.

Thanks Erika, this testimonial is long overdue !!! I can’t thank you enough…..not only for your training knowledge, but your friendship also. You always take that extra minute to stop and give us all updates on David’s progress…..something that is a rarity in trainers...
Thanks again, Tim Regan

When our son took his first lesson with Erika, at the pee wee level, we thought he was a good skater, but soon we realized how much Erika was able to improve his skating technique. He now plays for a RYH AA team with his goal to continue to move up. Erika worked on his speed, edges, and backwards skating. He has become one of the best skaters on his team. She is very patient and has taught him proper technique for the last 4 years. As a person and an instructor, I have never met anyone who can take an ice skater to the next level like she can. I would recommend her and her program to anyone in youth hockey, high school, and the junior level. Our son asks on a regular basis if he is going to the Erika Stone clinics because he likes how they are run, how they push him to improve, and gives him the confidence to move forward in hockey. Thanks Erika for all you have done.
The Newcombes

Gates-Chili Varsity Hockey, Juniors & More
Ever since I started skating with Erika over the summer, I have noticed a huge improvement in my skating. She is by far the best skating instructor and teacher around Rochester, seeing as how she is always positive and encouraging. She has pinpointed my weaknesses and turned them into strengths. Over the sessions I have worked with her she has greatly helped my quickness, balance, stability and endurance. These are all factors of the most crucial aspect of the game. Erika has also increased my confidence as a skater and has entrusted me to help demo for the younger classes. In all aspects, she is a great person and an even better power skating instructor.

Not only have I seen improvements in my skating but coaches and spectators have as well. They have come up to my and told me how strong and confident I look skating. Currently, I am a defenseman for my high school varsity hockey program but I fully intend on trying out for a number of junior teams next year.
Tyler Briggs

Rochester Monarchs Peewee Minor AAA
Matthew is a 2001 player currently playing for the Rochester Monarchs Peewee Minor hockey team. He has been attending clinics with Erika one to two days a week for over a year. Erika’s power skating clinics have been an excellent addition to my son’s weekly practice schedule. They have specifically improved his technique with stops and starts, crossovers, and backwards skating. By improving his technique, she has helped to increase his speed from end to end on the ice. This has made him a more confident skater and a better hockey player. Erika’s clinics are always challenging and he looks forward to them each week.
Debbie Kotsch

More Efficient Skater: Bantam Minor AAA
"The instruction Erika provides has improved my son's skating by raising his overall skating confidence. He has quicker foot movement while having longer strides, better balance, increased edge control, and overall better posture - the end result is a more efficient skater."
Jim Coyne

Monarchs Peewee Minor AAA: Improved Form and Speed
Skating with Erika has been a key component for strengthening Joey’s skating. Not only have we noticed an improvement over the past year of his working with Erika, but also people that haven't seen him skate recently quickly notice and comment on his improved form and speed. She easily determines areas for development and applies training techniques that immediately start working to improve them.
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